Real Life

Meet the people that inspired the characters...


So what can I say about my own webcomic and its impact on my life? Ummmmm . . . ok, nuthin', really. To be honest, this webcomic is just a silly little thing that I like to do for fun. I hope no one's expecting fantastic writing,


and I certainly hope nobody's expecting incredible art because I don't think this
comic shows off any skills I might have in either category. It's just for fun, made to make my friends chuckle every now and then. I'm thrilled to find that a broader audience has learned to love it too, though. I hope you all plan to stick around for
three more years because I know the lives of the DTL cast are just gonna get more interesting. And who knows? If it continues to progress at this rate maybe it really
will become a showcase of art and writing. One can only hope.



So a little bird told me that I have to write a little bit about how it feels to be involved with a webcomic. I don't have any weird tangeants to go off on, I don't have any off-the-wall accusations to throw around, hell - I don't even have


any women to show off as a trophy of my awesomeness (or lack of...?). No, I'm just
a normal girl with her hand in what could be the feel-good comic of the year...
or it could be a lawsuit waiting to happen, if we don't stop stealing from Kevin
Smith (we love you, man!). I'm just a girl whose creative web talents make this
whole experience possible (because I do it for free). Yep, I'm just the webmaster.
Seriously though... It's a very rewarding experience. I get to express my creative
 streak while creating an outlet for DJ's talent. Like I said, I do it for free, but at
this point that's not a huge deal. It's just fun, and that's what this is all about. It's
going to be interesting seeing my life paralleled on a comic strip - something I
didn't ever think I'd be involved in, let alone a cast member of. Should be very enlightening, seeing how DJ's vision of me gets translated onto paper. I guess we'll
see how it goes! Questions, comments, love-letters.. direct 'em at me.
Hate mail... well, that can go in my in-box *points at trash can*. See ya!

DJ's comments: We do not "steal" from Kevin Smith! They are *homages*.
And you don't do it entirely for free. I pay ya back in lovin'.



Why do I like having a web comic devoted entirely to me? Women. It's alllllllll about the women. They swarm me. I am their god. You laugh, but you just wait. My magnificence and charm will win every time. You are no match. You are merely female. My only regret is that,


though wonderfully drawn, mere ink and paper cannot possibly grasp the awe of my gorgeousness, or the power of my tail. Drawing the Line is the greatest comic on the web today, and it's all because of me. You know I'm your hero.

DJ's comments: I've...created a monster... God help us all.



I must say that I'm very honored to be a part of the cast of DTL. For someone to put our experiences down in ink is very refreshing. Despite my character description, there hasn't been any real show of their trying to corrupt me. I'll admit that they have been able


to corrupt me a little, but I've held my own. I'm still a LOT better than the rest of
them :P As for what the hat and feather mean-- I borrowed it from my dad for a camping trip six years ago and he hasn't seen it since. I still have it...
as a trophy on my wall.

DJ's comments: Crazy Christian with a Cowboy Cap! Yeah, you're a lot better than
the rest of us, but I don't think that's saying all that much . . .



What can I say about DJ, other than...THIEF! I was going to start a web comic based on life at Ringling, and I had a whole bunch of ideas ready to go, and sketches of all the characters, and then I find out that DJ beat me to it! Damn you, DJ!


On the other hand, I have five fingers. Seriously though,
 it's flattering to be a cog in the well-oiled machine that is Drawing The Line
(my comic was going to be called "Celebrity Suite", but whatever. I'm not bitter).
At first, I thought only the art students would get all the inside jokes, but apparently
the humour (yes, the Canadian humour, with a "u") is universal. I mean, as universal
as college jokes can go. Did you know that Finland had a worldwide karaoke championship, but they didn't compete against Japan because Japan refused to
enter the competition? You'd think they'd jump at the chance to shame the other countries with their madd karaoke skillz. "Your rendition of Achy Breaky Heart has brought dishonor and shame upon you and your family!" So yeah. Also, waffle.

DJ's comments: Waffle Maaan! I am the waffler! Gold and crispy! Bad guys are
hist'ry! ......umm...anyways...Hey, don't worry, Ryan. You can still do your planned webcomic of Ringling. Somehow I think we both have very different points of view.



Hmm..OK What to say? Well, I'm supposed to say something about my character, however my character doesn't do, or say very much. Just stand around and look hot. Which is actually what I'm trying to get into (modeling). If you want to

know how good the rendition of me is, well, it's very accurate. DJ's an absolutely awesome artist, and a wonderful friend. I think he's doing a fantastic job with this comic and I DO reccomend it to people who have not seen it yet, and remind those
that have seen it to go back to it. So, thank you DJ (and all the others that help)
for creating this comic. And everyone who reads this..well..ya'll already know how great DTL is, so I don't think I need to say anymore!

DJ's comments: Why you're not *already* a model, I'll never know...
I think my daily hits are gonna double just by putting your picture on the site.