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Favorite Links
When we're not creating DTL, this where we can be found surfing:

Web Comic Sites:

TrueNuff - True Life in Comic Strip form.  Very funny content, based on the true lives of it's creators.  It has some adult content in it, so don't read it if you're under 15.  Updated M/W/F.

Boy Meets Boy - Like the gay odd couple.  Only sexier.  From the lovely SandraDelete comes a funny daily comic filled with fluff.  Rated PG-15 for controversial (gay) theme, some language and adult situations.

Penny Arcade - A bizarre, funny web-comic for gamers.  Again, language, mostly gaming themes. 

Jack - Don't read this comic if you're under 18, we're warning you NOW!  This strip, while highly intriguing, is neither funny nor sweet.  It's tragic, it's gory, it's got a lot of foul language and adult themes.  

My Life in Blue - a recently discovered web-comic that runs similarly to BoyMeetsBoy.  It looks promising.  Some language and adult themes but mostly college-humor and fluff.


DrunkenDeities  Now - Join us at the pub!  Chat about movies, games, books, current events, philosophy, comic books, cartoons, your favorite websites! Or join Fight Club and rank on someone, no holds barred.   

Random: - The internet movie data base (*I-M-D-B... get it?) Anything and everything you ever wanted to know about every movie ever made.  Release dates, cast lists, memorable quotes, DVD extras, daily news, movie star information, and then some. - Ever wanted to keep a journal that you didn't have to carry around with you everywhere?  Check out LiveJournal - Public journals, private journals, from all around the world.  DTL even has one, See? - For all things Askew (i.e.  involving the Kevin Smith world), go check out NewsAskew.  We are the proud owners of FIVE mentions on this site, now.  Are you sick of us yet, guys?